Labour’s job creation apathy leave Welsh workers waiting


Months of inaction risk economic recovery

Plaid Cymru’s Economy spokesperson has called on the Labour government to end any further delays and outline the detail of a much needed job creation policy. Alun Ffred Jones AM said that Plaid Cymru has put forward its innovative ‘Build for Wales’ policy that could create up to 50,000 jobs for people in Wales. In contrast the new Labour government has failed to give detail on any similar plans.

The Arfon AM says Labour’s lack of urgency in continuingly delaying any job creation plans risks the fragile economic recovery in Wales.

Alun Ffred Jones AM said:

“People in Wales are rightfully feeling disappointed that after waiting patiently, for a number of months since the election, Labour are still yet to outline any detail of a job creation policy. This is not something that can be, or should be, placed on the back-burner.

“This government must ensure that there is a sharp focus on ensuring jobs are created in Wales as part of a wide strategy for improving the economy. The foundations for economic growth have been put in place during Plaid Cymru’s time in government. That work and success can’t be risked by complacency and inaction.

“The economy is at the heart of Plaid’s vision for Wales and that is why we have been proactive in establishing a job creation plan that could help up to 50,000 people into employment. This is an ambition that so far has not been matched by the Labour government.

“If Labour are serious about tackling the economic challenges facing Wales they must bring forward a job creation plan with far more urgency than the current lackadaisical approach they have adopted.”