Police budget cuts must be re-thought


20% cuts will impact on frontline policing

Plaid Cymru Home Office and Justice spokesperson, Elfyn Llwyd MP, today called for the Prime Minister to rethink proposed large scale cuts to policing budgets.

Speaking in the recalled House of Commons today to debate the recent riots, Mr Llwyd noted that there is often a correlation between poor economic circumstances and an increase in acquisitive crime, and expressed concern that police budget cuts would impact upon the frontline.

Mr Llwyd said:

“The Prime Minister should re-think his plans for cutting police budgets by 20%.

“Historically, when the economic situation is poor, there is a rise in acquisitive crime such as thefts and burglary.

“The riots that we have seen are connected with this, but with additional violence as well.

“The police have long warned that these 20% cuts being made to police forces in England and Wales would lead to difficulties in policing on the front-line.

“Police morale has not been helped by messages coming from government which clearly do not value their sacrifices and work on the frontline.

“The UK government should be looking not just at holding back on the policing cuts that they are introducing, but other cuts being made – cuts to jobs and facilities, especially those in disadvantaged areas.

“We need to see the bigger picture behind these events and put them into their full context.

“Fortunately, Wales has not seen riots of this type in recent days and I pay tribute to Welsh police forces in their willingness to assist elsewhere.”