Education failings in Wales can’t be shelved


Key areas must be addressed

Plaid Cymru’s Education spokesperson has called on the Welsh Government to ensure that the recess period is used to target failings in the education system in Wales.  Simon Thomas AM has urged the Labour Education Minister to specifically address major concerns that are currently stopping progress for children in Wales.

The Mid and West regional AM said reports that children in Wales are ahead of their English counterparts at key stage 2 level, but fall behind at key stage 3, need to be addressed.  .

Simon Thomas AM said:

“Tackling the failings in the education system in Wales must a priority for the Welsh government.  Those concerns must not be allowed to just sit on a shelf over the summer the way the Labour government has ignored tackling problems in the economy and health portfolio’s since May.

“Plaid Cymru believes it is vitally important for the Minister to instigate a review into why school children in Wales are seemingly ahead at key stage 2 but fall behind by key stage 3.  We need to know exactly what level the standard of education is across different stages of school life, and why there appears to be a drop in performance as children progress.

“The lack of urgency that has been shown across government departments since the election has been hugely frustrating.  The Education Minister must ensure that tackling the serious concerns of teachers, parents and pupils does not get put on hold because of the summer recess.”