Plaid pushes green agenda forward


Mid and West Wales AM Simon Thomas at green think tank launch

Plaid AM Simon Thomas has taken part in a launch of a new green think tank, Green House in London today. The aim of Green House is to help change politics by advancing ideas founded on ecological and egalitarian principles.

Representatives from across political parties and nations took part in the event.

Mid and West Wales AM Simon Thomas said:

“The climate crisis and the impact of change in our climate can now be clearly seen. I hope taking part in this important initiative with people from other political parties and people with no party affiliation will highlight green ideas for the future. After the News of the World scandal we need to restore faith in politics. Following a damaging period for politics we need to refocus on the big challenges that face our society – and come up with fully researched solutions. This think tank will help that aim.”

Two new papers are now available on the Green House website  one by Cardiff academic Molly Scott Cato on ‘Mutual Security in a Sustainable Economy’ about redefining poverty; disconnecting welfare from the labour market and looking again at the retirement age.

Plaid AM Simon Thomas added:

“I believe that as Plaid Cymru begins a period of renewal that we should look far and wide for ideas to transform Welsh democracy. It is only then can we lead our nation and create a greener and better Wales.”