Calman Cymru still no closer


Plaid Cymru leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones AM, has described David Cameron’s statement on ‘Calman Cymru’ as disappointingly vague.  The Ynys Mon AM said that Wales had been extremely patient in waiting for clarity on the progress and process of a Calman-style commission for Wales, and it was frustrating that once again the issue seems to have taken a back seat in the priorities of the UK Tory-Lib Dem government.

Mr Jones said the Prime Minister’s promise to support consensus politics in Wales would be broken unless he ensured delivery on the Holtham Commission’s recommendations as a matter of urgency.

Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said:

“The Tory-Lib Dem coalition has been in government in Westminster for over a year but we still don’t have any more clarity on this issue.  Wales has been extremely patient in waiting for any substantial reaction to the Holtham Commission.  Furthermore the UK government stated that it would set up a Calman-style commission in the event of a referendum yes vote here in Wales.  We are now over four months on from that historic day but no closer to any way forward on the timetable or details of the commission.

“All that we were told by the Prime Minister today is that he wanted to support a political consensus in Wales.  There is already a consensus that Wales is losing hundreds of millions in finance every year as a result of the unfair way in which we are funded.  If the Prime Minister is good to his word he will implement the Holtham Commission’s recommendations as a matter of urgency.”