Scandal of Tory-Lib Dem plans to cut 30,000 people off from society


Plaid Cymru has reacted to news that Westminster reforms to the welfare system will see 30,000 people in Wales taken off benefits without access to a job.  Plaid Cymru’s Economy spokesperson, Alun Ffred Jones AM, said the cuts will have a devastating impact on the lives of thousands of people in Wales and would lead to a generation of people being cut off from society. 

The Arfon AM says it is essential that the Labour government gets moving on job creation plans to address these issues.

Alun Ffred Jones AM said:

“When the Tory-Lib Dem welfare reforms come into effect it is estimated that 30,000 people in Wales will find themselves cut off from benefits but with no employment to go to.  There is a real concern that this will create a lost generation who will struggle to have the money for daily necessities like food and heating, and at the same time be written off in terms of accessing meaningful employment. 

“This is a clear example of the Tories and Lib Dems in Westminster punishing people in Wales who want nothing more than to be able to gain employment and work for a living.

“What these actions show is that the Westminster government has little consideration for helping Welsh workers or the Welsh economy.  It is essential now, that the Labour government in Cardiff does not continue to sit around without a plan of action, as has been the case since the election in May.  There must be a greater urgency in establishing a job creation scheme that will ensure more people can get long term employment in Wales.”

“Plaid Cymru has consistently urged the Welsh government to establish a job creation programme.  Plaid has proposed our innovative ‘Build for Wales’ company that would invest in schools, roads and hospitals and could create up to 50,000 new jobs.  So far, since Labour went into government in Wales, we have seen no significant way forward for helping the Welsh economy or Welsh workers from them.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“The findings of the Tackling Worklessness in Wales report are, very sadly, what Plaid Cymru have been warning of for quite some time – that there are few jobs available in many communities and that ConDem Government cuts will impact strongly upon areas with a weak private sector.

“Wales needs the development of the private sector, as identified by Ieuan Wyn Jones in last year’s Economic Renewal plan, and for much slower cuts to public sector jobs and benefits which will hit our economic growth.

“The reality is that the Con-Dems and Labour all run the economy for the benefit of London and the south-east of England and it is ordinary people in Wales who lose out.”