Nowhere to hide for Labour if regional job losses go ahead


‘Already fading claims to ‘Stand up for Wales’ will be blown out of the water’

Plaid Cymru has said that Labour would be to blame for bringing about economic body blow to communities of Wales if they press ahead with plans to centralise staff and close regional offices. Former government Minister, Alun Ffred Jones AM warned of the impact that job losses would have on the wider local economy of towns like Caernarfon. Elin Jones said that such plans would make Labour’s rhetoric of standing up for Wales sound like a very hollow promise.

Plaid Cymru AM for Arfon, Alun Ffred Jones said:

“The jobs provided by a regional office in a town like Caernarfon are hugely important to the local area. They amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds into the local economy every year. They help to sustain hundreds of small businesses. The loss of these jobs, and therefore the loss of money to the local economy will result in many further job losses.”

Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, Elin Jones added:

“The decision of whether to move these vital jobs away from smaller towns rests solely in the hands of this Welsh Government – a Labour government. If Labour decides to go ahead with these plans, the economic fall-out with the loss of jobs and livelihoods will be of Labour’s making. They cannot hide from this or blame someone else. Their already fading claims to ‘Stand up for Wales’ will be blown out of the water. If the government really thinks it can justify closing these offices, then it should have the courage of its convictions and put it to the vote here.”