Time to establish set of national terms and conditions for social workers


Plaid Cymru’s Spokesperson for Social Services, Children and Equal opportunities has called on the Welsh government to make it a key priority to raise the status and esteem of social workers and care assistants in Wales. 

Lindsay Whittle AM, speaking during an Assembly debate on social services in Wales, argued for the establishment of National Terms and Conditions for social workers to reflect their level of responsibility.  The South East Wales regional AM said the hug-a-hoodie attitude should be focused on hugging-a-social worker to ensure that carer’s rights were safeguarded and valued.

Lindsay Whittle AM said:

"We need to send a positive message to current and prospective social workers that we value the complex and difficult work they do, often with excessive caseloads. 

"I believe there is a strong case to establish a national set of terms and conditions for social workers and carers, which would reflect the value that we place on the continuing care of young people in Wales.

"In addition to a national set of terms and conditions I would urge the government to look at the development of consultant social worker grades to enable social workers to progress in their careers without having to leave frontline practice. 

"Too often the work that social workers and carers do goes unrecognised.  They are the unsung heroes of Wales and this is our opportunity to put in place support for them."