The ghost of Labour’s past haunting Wales’s future



Labour’s legacy of letting Wales down is undermining the ability of Carwyn Jones to negotiate with the Westminster government according to a former Welsh government Miniser.


Since the formation of the new Labour government in Wales, Carwyn Jones, by his own admission, has been publicly slapped down by Ministers in Whitehall on several key policy areas.  The Labour leader has been accused of failing to secure any concession or progress on issues such as fair funding for Wales, devolution of energy and corporation tax.  This comes at a time when Alex Salmond and the SNP are successfully making the case for improvements for Scotland.


Plaid Cymru’s Director of Communications, Elin Jones AM, says that the failure of Labour to deliver for Wales in the past seriously jeopardises Carwyn Jones’s ability to make a case for a better Wales in the future.


Elin Jones AM said:

"The ghost of Labour’s past has come back to haunt Carwyn Jones and Wales.  Labour’s legacy of failing Wales makes a mockery of their negotiating position and puts the advancement of Welsh concerns under threat. 


"Realistically, how can Carwyn Jones make a clear case for fair funding or the devolution of energy when his own party spent 13 years in government at Westminster neglecting Welsh interests on the very same agenda?


"Wales is currently being hit by a perfect storm of Tory-Lib Dem Westminster cuts and the memory of a Labour government that refused to act.  We only have to look to Scotland to see the difference a strong bargaining position makes.  The conviction Alex Salmond shows is delivering recognisable concessions.  In contrast Carwyn Jones’s arguments come wrapped in hypocrisy and give the Westminster government an easy excuse not to act. 


"The fact that in their final days of office Labour was comprehensively ruling out any fair funding for Wales makes them unable to make an honest case to the Westminster government.


"I have serious concerns that Wales could end up in a cycle of neglect as a result of Labour and Tory governments trying to outdo each other in a contest of who can be the bigger roadblock to Welsh economic development."