Plaid call for tax powers parity


Plaid Cymru has called for parity of taxation powers between the three devolved nations and have laid amendments to this week's Finance Bill to be debated in the House of Commons.

Plaid has advocated the devolution of corporation tax raising powers to Wales, which is currently the subject of a consultation by the UK Government for Northern Ireland.

The party has also pushed for powers over minor taxes, such as aggregates levy and stamp duty land tax, which were recommended for devolution to Scotland by the Calman Commission, and which First Minister Carwyn Jones has indicated he would like to see devolved.

Mr Edwards has called on the UK Labour party to support the calls of the Welsh First Minister on both these issues by supporting the Plaid amendment.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“What is being offered to Scotland and to Northern Ireland must also be on the table for Wales.

“It is common sense that if we have other economic levers such as responsibility for setting business rates for our own economy then we should also be able to vary the rate of corporation tax in Wales. It would give us a competitive advantage - especially as this is being argued by the UK Government for Northern Ireland.

“We even have the support of the Welsh Conservatives on this. Their recent Economic Commission made it their number one recommendation that Wales should have this power.

“This would mean that we would be able to give companies in Wales a favourable rate of tax, meaning that they can spend more time and money on growing their business.

“Smaller taxes such as the aggregates levy and stamp duty land tax could easily be devolved, as is being realised in Scotland. These taxes are related to powers that we now hold in Wales, so it makes sense for us to have them so that we can develop relevant policy. They make up only a minor percentage of our total income in Wales, but could prove helpful.

“Even Carwyn Jones accepts and has made the case for these to be devolved to Wales so we expect Labour Party’s support on this matter - not just in Wales but across the UK.”