Plaid supports plans for part-time student help


Plaid Cymru has supported Welsh government plans to reform the way part-time higher education is funded.

Plaid Education spokesperson Simon Thomas urged the government to ensure that part-time students are treated equitably to their full-time counterparts.

Speaking after the Senedd debate, Simon Thomas AM said:

“Part-time students often face different challenges to their full-time counterparts – but we must recognise their right to pursue higher education and should be encouraged to do so. For that reason, Plaid believes that part-time students and full-time students should be treated the same by government.

“Plaid is determined to maintain a situation in Wales where people of all backgrounds get the same educational opportunities and that the Welsh government prioritises supporting their ambitions. We are happy to support plans that meet that aim and we will further the interests of Wales’ students at every opportunity.

“I’m please that the government has accepted Plaid’s amendment to ensure part and full-time students are treated as equals.”