Calls for Carwyn Jones to clarify position on energy devolution


Carwyn Jones has been urged to clarify exactly what energy powers he is calling to be devolved to Wales.  Ieuan Wyn Jones AM, Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for constitutional issues, said that the First Minister and Labour needed to make a firm commitment to pushing for the devolution of all energy, water and crown estates or else their calls would appear weak.

Mr Jones, Plaid Cymru’s leader and former Deputy First Minister, said that anything short of the full package of energy devolution would portray Wales as unambitious, leaving the most important economic drivers in the energy field in the hands of Westminster.

Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said:

“Carwyn Jones has made some statements about the devolution of energy but has yet to clarify exactly what it is he is calling for.  Does he want the devolution of all energy to Wales, including water and crown estates, or are his ambitions for Wales limited to a certain area?

“I am somewhat suspicious about what the First minister said.  It was not too long ago he was claiming to support reform to the way Wales is funded.  However, after we scratched the surface it became apparent that Carwyn Jones supports a Barnett floor but not full reform to a needs based formula that would truly help the Welsh economy.  Hopefully in this instance he is committed to the devolution of energy policy, and not simply tinkering around the edges, whilst Westminster continues to control major areas of our energy policies including water and crown estates.

“Plaid Cymru would obviously support the devolution of energy in its entirety as it is something we have backed for many years, even when Labour were opposing us in Westminster.  Anything short of full commitment on this issue would be pretty meaningless.  It would be difficult for Carwyn Jones to explain to the Welsh public why he would want devolution of some energy, but for the key economic drivers in the portfolio to remain in the hands of the Tories in Westminster.”