Wigley: "Wales' credibility with UK Government and business community at risk"


Plaid Cymru’s Lord Dafydd Wigley has accused the Welsh Government of weakening Wales’ credibility with the UK government, other devolved administrations as well as the wider business community.

Lord Wigley highlighted the Labour government’s confusion over corporation tax this week and the glaring differences in the party over the future of the ‘Barnett formula’.

Lord Wigley said:

“My experience this week has shown me that Labour in Westminster is singing from a completely different hymn sheet to their counterparts in Wales.

“Firstly, Labour has been unable to convince their frontbenchers in the Lords and the Commons that there is a need for reform of Barnett. Without scrapping the current funding, Wales remains over £300million a year worse off.

“Secondly, refusing the devolution of corporation tax unless the other devolved administrations do so first is no way to lead a government. Either you want the powers to be able to make a difference to the businesses of Wales or not.

“How can we expect businesses to have faith in Wales as a serious place to invest when the Welsh Government is all over the shop on issues like corporation tax?

“The Welsh government doesn’t even know what it wants – and neither do their colleagues in London. So how on earth can we expect the UK government to take Wales seriously?

“It is embarrassing and at worst damaging. The danger is that the coalition will use Labour’s indecision as an excuse to ignore Wales and the desperate need to strengthen our fiscal standing.”