Plaid MP discovers Wales loses out on even more Olympics Contracts


Plaid Cymru’s Hywel Williams MP has criticised the Olympics Delivery Authority for their inability to guarantee that Tiers Two and Three contracts will benefit Wales.

Mr Williams called claims that the allocation of Olympics contracts were ‘fair’ across the UK as complete “nonsense”. Mr Williams has discovered that no information is held centrally about the Tiers Two and Three contracts – as no data is collated after funds are contracted to Tier One companies.

Mr Williams also criticised newly released figures from the Olympic Delivery Authority which confirm again that contracts for the construction of the Olympics have overwhelmingly been given to companies in the south east of England.

Six months ago, Mr Williams discovered that contracts for the construction of the Olympics have overwhelmingly been given to companies in England, who have 99% of the value of contracts, and that just 0.01% of Tier One contracts have been awarded to companies in Wales.

Mr Williams, the MP for Arfon, said:

“Wales hardly benefitted at all economically from the Tier 1 contracts for the London Olympics – and the Olympics Delivery Authority has confirmed that.

“They said we should not worry and that Wales would benefit from the Tier Two and Three subcontracts. But now I have discovered that records for Tier Two and Three contract allocations are not available.

“This is an absolute disgrace. How can the Olympics claim to be benefitting Wales if data isn’t held to prove it?

“How can it possibly be argued that each area will benefit equally from the games when from the Tier One figures alone we can see that Wales has a pittance of the percentage of all contracts?

“I am calling on the Olympics Minister to intervene to force the release of this data.

“Companies in Wales, which makes up nearly 5% of the UK population, have received just 0.01% of the value of the Tier One contracts.

“The real money, as ever, has gone to London and the south east of England.

“Wales has also lost out on important Lottery funding, redirected to fund London’s games.

“Scotland and Northern Ireland have suffered similarly, confirming the argument that this was a London games which should have had a Barnett Formula consequential.

“It is shockingly unfair. Welsh companies could have employed people with this money and made a significant difference to our communities and economy during a tough period.

“Congratulations to those few companies in Wales that will benefit. But for the most, Wales is being denied the opportunity to contribute or benefit to the London Olympics, while money is still being poured into the prosperous south east.”