Plaid MPs honoured with Thank You from Catalonia


Plaid Cymru MPs have been honoured by a delegation of parliamentarians and visitors from Catalonia for work in raising awareness in the UK Parliament of the constitutional crisis facing the Catalan government.

Hywel Williams MP was thanked for his support and for tabling an Early Day Motion, supported by numerous cross party MPs. The EDM called for support for the 2006 Catalan Statute of Autonomy following the undemocratic decision of the Spanish constitutional court to scrap key sections of the statute.

A message of support for Mr Williams’ EDM has been signed over 11,000 Catalans. Over 100 Catalans came to personally deliver this to Mr Williams today in London (Monday).

Mr Williams said:

“I am very pleased to have been able to meet with many representatives from Catalonia and to share my support for their tireless struggle in getting their democratic voices heard. I’m honoured too to have been able to play a small part in that campaign.

“Catalonia is a nation. That is how Catalans see it and that is certainly how we see it from here.

“I tabled the EDM so that fellow MPs would be able to show support and solidarity with the people in Catalonia and their right to democratically determine their own future.

“People should be allowed to decide for themselves what sort of constitutional situation they wish to have.

“This ruling forced upon the Catalan government by the Spanish government reduces the scope of devolved powers in Catalonia – which complete undermines the democratic referendum held in 2006. It also means that Catalonia cannot be legally recognised as a nation because it claimed that Spain is the state’s 'only nation'.

“This will ring a powerful chord with the devolved nations in the UK.

“The Catalans’ outrage is completely understandable - the Spanish court has completely undermined their democratic system.

“The future of the Catalan people must be in their hands and no-one else.”