Wales marginalised in UK discussions while Scotland get borrowing Powers


Carwyn Jones fails to match Scotland in delivering UK concessions

Plaid Cymru’s Economy spokesperson has accused Labour leader Carwyn Jones of failing to make the case for Wales when he took part in the Joint Ministerial Committee at Downing Street.
While Alex Salmond has secured borrowing powers for Scotland, Alun Ffred Jones AM says that Labour has left Wales as a second tier nation on funding issues to suffer at the hands of Tory and Lib-Dem cuts.

The Arfon AM claimed that in failing to make the case for borrowing powers as staunchly and successfully as his Scottish counterpart, Carwyn Jones had left Wales limping head on into the worst impact of the Westminster cuts.

Alun Ffred Jones AM said:

“At a time when money is in short supply due to the devastating Tory and Lib Dem cuts this could be a mechanism to help the Welsh economy. We have seen Welsh budgets slashed by the Tories and Lib Dems and the people of Wales are suffering as a result. We need creative and innovative ways of raising investment for capital spending projects and borrowing powers would form part of that solution.

“The fact that Carwyn Jones is just talking about borrowing powers when Scotland and Alex Salmond is delivering them highlights how little influence the Welsh First Minister has had on the UK debate. Labour said that they would shield us from the Westminster cuts but instead they have left Wales limping head on into the worst of it.”