Vote Plaid for 50,000 jobs this Thursday


"The economy can either move forward with Plaid or stand still under Labour"

Plaid is the only party with a plan to create thousands of jobs and build our nation's economy

Plaid Cymru will spend the final Tuesday of the campaign highlighting its ambitious Build4Wales plan to create up to 50,000 new jobs across the nation by investing in vital school, hospital and infrastructure building programmes.

Plaid’s Director of policy and candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, Nerys Evans will say that Plaid is the only party in this election with the plan, the determination and ambition to create new jobs and rebuild the Welsh economy in the coming years.

Plaid will this morning (Tuesday) launch its ’50,000 Jobs’ advertising van which will travel around Wales throughout the day to highlight the unique pledge to create employment across the nation through the party's innovative Build4Wales company.

Criticising the Westminster parties' lack of proposals to create jobs, Plaid's Nerys Evans will also say that people needed a party that will stand up for them and take positive action to defy the potentially devastating cuts to public services from the Tories and Lib Dems in Westminster, not simply sit back and whinge.

Plaid's Nerys Evans will say:

“Wales faces 41% cuts to capital budgets over the coming years – These cuts were already planned by the previous Labour government and will be delivered by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats at an even faster pace.

“We therefore face a choice - to sit back, do nothing and accept the cuts as Labour, the Tories and Lib Dems are willing to do; or stand up, get on with the job and find alternative ways to create thousands of much needed new jobs and grow our economy in the years ahead.

“Labour may be content to continue to moan about the Westminster Government for the next five years, but whinging isn’t going to create a single extra jobs here in Wales – our plan will create up to 50,000 of them whilst improving schools, hospitals and infrastructure across the nation.

"The choice on Thursday is clear - the economy can either move forward with Plaid or stand still under Labour.

"We can create up to 50,000 thousand jobs and support our small businesses under Plaid, or put up with five years of economic decline under Labour."

"Plaid's plans seek to put Wales in the premiership while the Tories and Labour seem content to see our nation languishing at the bottom of the league."