Plaid’s business bonus to boost jobs


Visit to international success story Penderyn Whisky Company highlights Plaid's ambitions for business and tourism
Plaid Cymru have today visited the Penderyn Whisky Distillery, one of Wales’ international business success stories, to highlight the party's plans for supporting Welsh business growth and economic development. The party has outlines some of its key proposals to help protect existing jobs and create new ones by focusing on the needs of small and medium sized businesses.
The visit to the distillery and tourism centre will highlight some of Plaid’s key economic pledges for the coming assembly term, including a commitment to: 

  • Establish a £90m initial growth fund for business loans. 

  • Help thousands of businesses across the nation by extending the business rate relief scheme for the whole of the next Assembly term. 

  • Invest an additional £3m a year in the new Tourism Investment Support Scheme.

Plaid’s candidate for the Cynon Valley Dafydd Trystan Davies: 

"The next five years are going to be crucial for our economy.  Plaid Cymru has an ambitious plan to ensure Wales develops an economic environment that allows our businesses to grow and compete on the world stage. 

"Our proposals would help protect existing jobs and create new ones across Wales. 

“In this election, Plaid Cymru is pledging a small business bonus.  A Plaid Cymru government would establish a £90m Welsh Growth fund to help small and medium businesses access the essential credit that they currently struggle to get.  

“We are also pledging to maintain business rate relief throughout the next Assembly term.  This is a lifeline for many of our small enterprises but is currently due to end later this year. 

Commenting on Plaid plans to extend support  for the tourism industry, Plaid’s Dafydd Trystan Davies added: 

“As well as generating wealth and jobs for the local economy , businesses like the Penderyn Whisky company that we’re visiting today also contribute hugely to the tourism industry and help put Wales on the map. 

“This is why  a Plaid government would also prioritise tourism growth – investing  an additional £3m a year in tourism support and also reviewing the current system of business rates and introduce changes to include seasonality so that tourism businesses are give additional support. 

“In this election only Plaid Cymru has the radical and innovative ideas that will create a better Wales in which our small business can flourish and thrive.”