Plaid Cymru – Ambitious for our small businesses


Plaid candidate pays Easter visit to chocolate factory

Plaid Cymru is ambitious for Wales’ small businesses and wants to see an economic environment that allows them to grow and flourish.  That was the message from Plaid’s candidate in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, Nerys Evans, while on an Easter visit to a ‘chocolate farm’ in Carmarthenshire.
In their manifesto for the Welsh election on 5th May, Plaid Cymru is pledging to:

  • Establish a £90m initial growth fund for business loans

  • Extend the temporary business rate relief scheme, currently due to end this October, for the next Assembly term

  • Undertake a detailed retail strategy for Wales

  • Promote local shopping and local food procurement 

Speaking from Pemberton’s Chocolate Farm in Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire, Nerys Evans said:
“Plaid Cymru is ambitious for Wales’ small businesses; they make a vital contribution to the Welsh economy. It is only right that the Welsh government should value that contribution by creating an environment that allows them to grow and flourish.   That is why, in this election, Plaid Cymru is pledging a small business bonus.  A Plaid Cymru government would establish a £90m Welsh Growth fund to help small and medium businesses access the essential credit that they currently struggle to get. 
“We are also pledging to maintain business rate relief throughout the next Assembly term.  This is a lifeline for many of our small enterprises but is currently due to end later this year.
“Many businesses in Wales, like Pemberton’s Chocolate Farm that I am visiting today, rely on tourism which means that their income varies greatly depending on the time of year.  That is why we want to review the current system of business rates and introduce changes to include seasonality.
“In this election only Plaid Cymru has the radical and innovative ideas that will create a better Wales in which our small business can flourish and thrive.”