Plaid in support of recall of Parliament over Libya


Plaid Cymru's Westminster leader Elfyn Llwyd MP has today spoken in support of recalling Parliament because of the rapidly changing nature of UK involvement in Libya.

Mr Llwyd said that talks of arming rebel forces would be in breach of the Arms embargo and would require a new UN Council resolution.

Plaid Cymru has warned that any military action in Libya must learn from the lessons of Iraq and should stay strictly within the remit of UN resolution 1973.

Mr Llwyd also called for assurances from the UK Government that diplomacy efforts and humanitarian aid were stepped up.

Mr Llwyd said:

"The situation in Libya is changing rapidly and we need to question what is happening in Libya within resolution 1973.
"That is why we are supporting calls for the urgent recall of Parliament.

"The UN Resolution 1973 is crystal clear that action must only be taken to protect civilians.

"If, as we gather from reports in the press, the government is serious about arming rebel forces – then this raises many more questions. Who are the rebels and are they legitimate?

"Any arming of any faction within Libya would be in breach of the Arms embargo and would require a totally new UN Council resolution.

"We call on the UK Government in the meantime to confirm that every effort is being made to step up humanitarian aid as much as possible given the circumstances on the ground and to ensure that finally diplomatic efforts are ongoing."