Plaid Cymru reaction to Labour Manifesto Launch


Plaid Cymru has given its reaction to the launch of the Labour manifesto.

Nerys Evans, Plaid Cymru’s Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire candidate and Director of Policy, said:


"Labour's manifesto is a 109 page attempt to justify their record of failure - with virtually no new ideas to improve Wales' economy, education and health services.


“Labour’s lack of ideas and lack of ambition for Wales is shocking.  Where are the big ideas to get our economy moving?  Where are the big ideas to address the problems in our school system?  Where are the big ideas to tackle the decline in our health services?  Labour’s election campaign is all sound-bite with no substance, and it shows why they should not be allowed to continue to fail for Wales.  


"It appears the only ideas they have of note have been lifted from Plaid Cymru.


"We can't afford another 5 years of Labour failure."