Labour in Wales has responsibility for meltdown but has no ideas to help Wales recover


Plaid Cymru has seized on Gordon Brown’s admission that he and Labour made big mistakes in the way they handled the banks, stating that it highlights how economically inept Labour is as a party.  Helen Mary Jones, who is standing for re-election in the Llanelli constituency, said that the former Prime Minister’s statement is acknowledgement from the very top of the Labour party that their poor decisions were at the heart of the economic meltdown that Wales is still trying to overcome.


Ms Jones said it would be dangerous for Labour’s failure on the economy to be rewarded leading to another 5 years of decline in Wales.


Helen Mary Jones said:


“It is about time that Labour admitted what the rest of us know; that they were responsible for the economic mess we are in and that they have no ideas on how to make things better.  Gordon Brown speaks for the entire Labour party when he says they got it wrong on the economy.  These cuts are just as much Labour’s responsibility as they are the Conservatives and Lib Dems.


“Labour, especially here in Wales, has put its head in the sand and totally ignored the damage their mismanagement of the economy has done to Welsh communities and Welsh jobs.  What is more, they are fighting the Welsh general election without any real proposals on how to improve the economy.  Their record is staggeringly bad and their campaign lacks any ideas or any ambition for Wales.


“In contrast to Labour’s lack of ideas Plaid Cymru are putting forward ambitious plans to get our economy moving.  This includes our ‘Build for Wales’ policy which will create up to 50,000 jobs as well as a commitment to supporting 30,000 apprenticeships.  We can’t simply sit back and take the cuts being imposed by Westminster and complain from the sidelines the way Labour would like us to.  We need to put innovative proposals forward as only Plaid Cymru is doing in this election.”