"Who controls Wales' natural resources" to be key dividing line in Welsh Election


Next Plaid Government will seek responsibility over energy, water and the Crown Estates

Plaid Cymru’s Director of Policy Nerys Evans has announced that a future Plaid Government will formally request that responsibility over the country's natural resources is transferred to Wales.  The request would include the devolution of decision-making over large-scale energy production; control of the nation’s water resources; and control and ownership over the vast Crown Estates.

The Plaid candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire said that transferring these responsibilities would give Wales the ability to properly plan its energy and water needs for the crucial 50 years ahead and would build our nation’s resilience and reduce our dependency on external energy sources. 

Ms Evans said that gaining control over the nation’s resources would give Welsh businesses the opportunity to take full advantage of Welsh natural resources in the decades to come. She also said that this issue will clearly show in the coming election that only Plaid has the ambition to see our communities really benefit from our own natural resources while the Westminster parties are happy to sit back and let decisions about our future remain in London.

Plaid’s Director of Policy Nerys Evans says:

“Wales has huge energy potential to unleash, yet control over many parts of it remains in Westminster. It cannot be right that our National Assembly continues to have no control over an area of such importance and potential to Wales.

"Wales could become a world leader in green energy production, and we could create thousands of jobs in the sector - but unlike Scotland, decisions over all large energy projects was deliberately kept in London by the previous Labour Government.

“Transferring these responsibilities will give Wales the ability to properly plan its energy and water needs in the crucial 50 years ahead, building our nation’s resilience and reducing dependency on external energy sources.


“Countries around the world are busy planning their energy needs. Wales now needs the control to do the same. 

"We want Wales to have responsibility over our resources in order to make the decisions that will help develop Welsh businesses in a key growth sector.

Challenging the three Westminster parties to support the plan for Wales to take control over vital economic resources, the candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire said:


“The previous Labour Government in Westminster made sure that control over water and large energy projects was specifically kept under the control of Westminster.   This situation has continued under the current Conservative–Liberal Democrat Government. 

"Our manifesto will include a pledge to seek control of our own natural resources.  If it's good enough for Scotland, it's good enough for Wales.

"The Westminster-based parties need to change their stance and support our plan. If they don't, they will be sending a very clear message in the coming election  that they don’t believe the people of Wales are capable of taking control over our own natural resources.

"Plaid is going into this election with a clear message - if you vote Plaid, we will demand responsibility over our nation’s natural resources in order to ensure our nation can take full advantage of our wind, water, land and sea.”