Plaid's leader pledges 50,000 new jobs and 30,000 apprenticeships for Wales


Keynote speech outlines Plaid's focus on investment and skills to drive Wales' economic growth

Plaid Cymru's leader has used a keynote speech to outline his party's vision for building the economy of Wales. In his speech Ieuan Wyn Jones AM outlined key election pledges for Plaid Cymru including creating up to fifty thousand new jobs across Wales.



The Ynys Mon AM highlighted how these new jobs will be created through a £500m infrastructure fund to get our economy moving, £90m fund for business loans as well as tax relief to help develop our town centres and small businesses and Plaid's ambitious 'Train2Work' scheme, which will establish 30,000 apprenticeships each year to boost the skills and employability of young people across Wales.

Mr Jones outlined how in government, Plaid's decisive actions have protected thousands of jobs during the toughest of recessions as well as how the party will now help Wales' economy recover and grow so that our nation becomes wealthier.

Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said:

"In this Assembly term we will create a £500 million Build for Wales Fund for Wales to underpin economic growth and to create up to 50,000 jobs. The fund will bring about investment in transport, our schools, our hospitals, new homes, our information technology and our energy infrastructure. Our 'Build for Wales' fund would be good for the Welsh public sector, good for business and best of all would be a vital counter cyclical stimulus - in supporting and creating jobs.

Discussing Plaid's vision for a modern workforce Mr Jones added:

"In this government, Plaid's priority will be to increase attainment in the skills that will develop Wales' potential for economic growth.

"We have to support the workforce of today which is why we will roll out the new Basic Skills in the Workplace projects to support at least 1000 employers and 30,000 employees.

"Our aim will be to do our best in preparing our young people for the world of work."

Speaking on the issue of Business Rates the Plaid Leader said:

"It is our intention to create a Welsh Valuation Office Agency which will then ensure a level playing field for small businesses rather than the current system which favours the larger out of town developments as they do at present.

In the meantime Plaid is pledging that the temporary rate relief scheme which is due to end in October this year will be made permanent. This means for the next Assembly term, until the system is reformed, around half of small businesses in Wales will pay no business rates at all."