Plaid reach out to disillusioned rural voters


Conservatives and Lib Dems can no longer be trusted to stand up for rural Wales according to Plaid Cymru.  Nerys Evans AM and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, who are both standing in rural constituencies at May’s election, have called on disillusioned Tory and Lib Dem voters to support Plaid Cymru as the only party with a commitment to the interests of rural communities.

Under the Tory – Lib Dem Westminster coalition, rural communities have seen inaction over the rising costs of fuel, a refusal to bring in a fuel duty regulator, proposals to scrap CAP payments for farmers, a refusal to include Wales in superfast broadband trials as well as a huge cut to the Welsh budget.  This is in contrast to the positive policies being put forward by Plaid in government for the benefit of rural communities.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, who is chair of the Assembly’s rural sub-committee, said:

“I know that people in Carmarthenshire, and across all rural communities in Wales, feel extremely let down by the Tory and Lib Dem government in Westminster.  On a host of major issues that are crucial to the sustainability of rural life, Tory and Lib Dem MPs who should be standing up for Wales have been nowhere to be seen.

“Farmers in my constituency are very angry that they are seeing the Tory-Lib Dem Westminster government actively pushing for a reduction and, ultimately, an end to CAP payments.  This would result in a devastating decline in the income of the agricultural industry.

“Further still, even though they were given assurances prior to the election, people in rural Wales have seen Tory MPs turn their backs on delivering a fuel duty regulator to address the rising costs of petrol prices.  In fact Welsh Tory MPs, including the representative for Carmarthenshire, voted against Plaid Cymru’s proposals to help families struggling with rising costs at the pump.

“These actions are nothing short of a betrayal of rural Wales.”

Nerys Evans AM added:

“At an Assembly level it is Plaid Cymru in government, through our Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones AM, which have been putting forward measures to tackle the devastating problems of Bovine TB.  It is Plaid Cymru in government, through the Economy Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones AM, which is implementing proposals to address the lack of broadband coverage for rural communities.

“The contrast between what Plaid has been doing to stand up for the concerns of rural Wales, and the Tory-Lib Dem approach to ignoring them, could not be any clearer.  The utter disinterest that some Tory and Lib Dem MPs have shown since entering power in Westminster is a far cry to the sort of promises they were making before the election.

“People will have a clear choice at the next election between a Tory-Lib Dem member that will time and again turn their back on the issues that matter to rural Wales, or a local Plaid Cymru AM who will ensure that there are specific policies delivered to improve and strengthen our way of life.”