Homecoming Wales! Plaid will bring the world to Wales


A year of activity to open Wales to the world

Plaid Cymru will create a 'Homecoming Year for Wales' as part of its ambitious proposals for the future of Wales' tourism and culture. The proposals will include a full year of activity, currently earmarked for 2015, which will promote Wales as a destination for tourism and culture aiming to have major economic benefits for a range of industries in Wales.

The project would be organised between the Major Events Unit and VisitWales with Plaid Cymru in government proposing linking together all of Wales' tourist events as part of an overall promotion. Further activity will be undertaken in promoting specialist events under the 'Homecoming Wales' banner, including a greater focus on St David's Day and Glyndwr Day.

Work commissioned by the Welsh Government shows that there is massive potential for attracting the 'Welsh diaspora,' particularly in certain parts of the USA. The proposals have been launched by Alun Ffred Jones AM who says the benefits of a targeted campaign to bring people home to Wales as part of a tourism drive could provide major social and economic benefits.

The project will aim to have major events staged in Wales, including large scale concerts, sports events and cultural events as well as promoting the specific history and scenery of Wales. Advertising and marketing campaigns will be developed in the lead up to 2015 to promote the year of activity both within the UK and throughout international markets.

Alun Ffred Jones AM said:

"Our proposals would engage with hundreds of private and public sector organisations and open up Wales as a tourist destination to people who have never considered holidaying here before.


We hope that through this year of activity we will see an increase in Welsh tourism that will benefit hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, retails stores, restaurants and any other business that rely on tourist money.

The project will create a marketing campaign that will take the Welsh brand far beyond where it has been in the past. We will work with international partners, key brands and businesses to make Wales an instantly recognisable name and location in many areas where its profile is not currently as successful as it needs to be.

We will aim to have hundreds of separate events throughout the course of the 'Homecoming Wales' year that will bring in visitors from within the UK and internationally, with campaign activity designed at reaching millions of people globally."