Myfanwy Davies

Myfanwy Davies is the number 3 regional candidate on the South Wales West list. She can be contacted at .

Myfanwy works for the Department of Health and leads a team of Cardiff University researchers tackling health inequalities and health care decision making.

She is 34 years old and was educated at Ysgol y Strade Llanelli before going on to the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Sheffield and London. She has a PhD in health services research and has taught in Universities in France and the Middle East.

Her areas of interest are health and social care, environmental issues and the economy. She has a particular interest in the welfare system.

Myfanwy was Plaid’s candidate in Llanelli at the 2010 UK General Election, turning a safe Labour seat into a Plaid marginal.

As Plaid’s nationally-elected Director of Political Education she is co-responsible for consulting on policy issues.

She is a member of the Institute of Welsh Affairs, Cymdeithas yr Iaith and the Womens’ Institute. She authors the bilingual blog, Aberllwchwr.