Cardiff South and Penarth - be part of it!

A message from Luke

I live in Cardiff.  I was born in our inspiring capital city, and it really is a privilege therefore to stand on behalf of Plaid Cymru.  It would also be an honour to represent the people and communities of Cardiff to whom I owe so much. 

We are campaigning in order to secure an historic result in Cardiff South and Penarth.  I have a fantastic team around me and we’re working hard, every day and night, in order to make a difference.  I am spending every moment sharing my message that ‘this isn’t as good as it gets’ – that Cardiff and Penarth could do so much better in terms of jobs, education and health services if we had an MP in Westminster that put the needs of these communities first.

In order to share this message however I need to raise money.  I want to send a letter to every voter in this constituency telling them what a Plaid MP would do on their behalf.  It will cost £5,000.  Please could you contribute a few pounds in order to make this happen. 

I also want to telephone voters through this entire area – to speak to people directly in order to hear what matters to them.  That will cost around £4,000 – do you think you can help by sending a donation?  

Every single penny you can contribute will make a difference.  If you can help and if you want an historic result in Cardiff South & Penarth, make a donation below.  You can also pledge your time to helping the campaign. Email for further details.