Local government

Plaid has always been rooted in our Welsh communities. We are a political party which truly believes in decentralism and local decision-making. We know how important excellent local government is, and we are committed to ensuring that our councils have the tools to do the best job possible. In the face of massive public spending cuts imposed from Westminster, Plaid has set up a group to look at effective local government delivery. Clearly, we need to ensure further co-operation between authorities and we are considering the best ways to ensure value for taxpayers' money.

During our time in government, Plaid :

  • launched the new Post Office Diversification Fund with almost £3 million in grants;

  • increased the amount of money given to local councils by 3.2%;

  • announced £4 million to help 30,000 pensioners with council tax in 2010-11;

  • agreed a strategy for the improvement of local services in Wales, and launched a series of Public Service Summits;

  • established effective and citizen focused Local Service Boards;

  • kept council tax increases in Wales the lowest for more than a decade.