Decide who leads Plaid and help move Wales forward in 2012

2012 will be a very important year for Plaid and Wales. We’re excited to be kicking off the New Year with our party’s leadership election as we continue with the process of renewing our party.

Over the next three weeks, candidates will be putting their names forward to become our party’s next leader. Anyone who joins before 26 January 2022 will have a vote to decide who leads the party.

If you love Wales - if you care about our nation’s future - then join with us and the thousands of other Plaid members today who are ready to play their part in making sure Wales moves forward and reaches its potential. Click here to join from £2 a month online.


Leadership 2012 - Your questions answered

Who can stand? Who can vote? when wil the leader be elected? Take a look at our Leadership 2012 Q&A.