Action Centre: Let's talk about jobs 

Over the coming weeks we plan to tell people across the nation about our vision for Wales, how we are working to create more jobs, help our small businesses and build our economy. You too can join with supporters across the nation to tell people in your area about Plaid's plans. Our action centre below has all you need to get started!  


1. Leaflet your street

Download our latest Let's talk about jobs leaflet, print it out and deliver it to your street or area. Together, with your help, we can tell people in every community across our nation about Plaid's postive plan to create jobs and help our businesses throught these difficult times. 




2. Write a letter to your local paper

Tell readers of your local paper about Plaid's ambitious vision to boost the economy. Here's an example of a letter you can send to your local paper:


Forget Politics, Let's talk about jobs

Dear Editor

137,000 people in Wales are out of work and everyone agrees that the situation is going to get worse. Plaid Cymru will not sit on our hands and let the Conservative and Lib Dem cuts take their toll in Wales in the worst possible way.  It’s time to put Wales first.
This is why Plaid is campaigning to see the Labour Welsh government prioritising jobsand helping our local businesses in these tough times by Investing in building projects which will help our construction industry and giving greater help to our small, local businesses.

We believe that despite the cuts, more can be done to protect jobs and communities.Plaid has a plan that really could make a difference to you, your family and your community. We would urge you to join us in saying that now is the time to make protecting jobs an absolute priority. Like you, we want a better future for Wales. 



3. Tell your local businesses

Tell local businesses in your area what Plaid want to do for them.

Download our Let's talk business leaflet, print it out and deliver it to the local shops and business in your area. Help us tell businesses across our nation about Plaid's postive plan to help them throught these difficult times. 




4. Get social!

A really good way to spread the word is to use social networking like twitter and facebook. Spread the word to your friends and folowers today.  Update your facebook status or tweet  the following mesage:


Plaid's jobs plan could make a difference to you, your family and your community, click to read more  #plaidcymru 


5. Tell your friends and family

Word of mouth is still the best way to get our message out!  If your talking about jobs, the economy or politics in the local shop, cafe or with friends - make sure you tell them about the ambitious proposals Plaid have to help people during these tough times.