International Affairs

What is Plaid's international vision?

Plaid will press the UK government to honour the commitment to delivering 0.7% of GDP as international aid and we will continue to campaign for the cancellation of developing countries' unaffordable debts. We also reaffirm our support for the international Fair Trade movement. We will continue to campaign for the rights of minority nations and minority language speakers in Europe and in future possible accession countries such as Turkey.

We support a global tax on financial transactions as a means of encouraging more responsibility and stability in the global markets. We have supported the idea of a 'Tobin Tax' or a 'Robin Hood Tax' since the 1980s and all the while, the other parties were willing to stand by and allow the markets to run riot. The revenues from such a tax could play a valuable role in promoting international development, and could contribute towards realising the UN's Millennium Development Goals. We support urgent and far-reaching reforms of the World Bank and IMF in order to improve regulation and accountability.

We are committed to an independent Wales as a full member of the European Union. We will continue to support further democratic reform of the EU. We are committed to increased representation for Wales in the EU. This includes a fair number of MEPs for Wales, a European Parliament office in Wales, a rotating European Commissioner and most importantly, a vote for Wales in the Council of Ministers.

Being a part of the EU has brought great advantages to Wales. Between 2007 and 2013, we received up to £2 billion for regeneration schemes in Wales. So far, more than 28,000 businesses and more than a quarter of a million people in Wales have been helped by European funding. Plaid will continue to fight for transitional European financial support to continue after 2013.

We support further enlargement of the EU provided that those countries that wish to join improve conditions of democracy, justice and the rule of law. We support ongoing membership negotiations with Turkey as a means to encourage democratic reform in that country, improve women's rights and promote the democratic interests of the Kurdish people.