Plaid: Labour exposing Wales to full force of the economic crisis in order to blame the Tories



Ieuan Wyn Jones hits out at Labour for refusing to respond to help jobs and business

Plaid Cymru’s Leader has accused Labour of intentionally avoiding helping the Welsh economy so that they can blame the Tories for the full effects of the current crisis.


Ieuan Wyn Jones AM confronted Carwyn Jones over his government’s lack of activity to help the economy during First Minister’s Questions in the Senedd. Plaid’s Leader said that Labour is treating people as worthless pawns in a political game of one-upmanship with their rival UK parties.


Mr Jones has consistently pressed the Labour Welsh Government to take action to help businesses and workers during the current economic crisis. He said that Labour was happy to blame the UK government for everything, and refusing to act in order to help where they can. He added that while Labour has attacked the UK government for refusing to adopt an economic ‘Plan B’, the Welsh Government is itself guilty of "astounding inactivity".


Following First Minister’s Questions in the Senedd, Plaid Cymru Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said:


"Since they formed a government alone in May, Labour has faced a worsening economic crisis. Unemployment is up drastically, and a stream of economic indicators have suggested that we’re in for much tougher times. Yet there has been absolutely no response from Labour. For a national government to show such astounding inactivity has to raise questions as to what exactly they are playing at.


"Labour has clearly decided to sit back, let the economic crisis do its worst here in Wales, just so that they can then blame the Tories in Westminster. They seem to be hoping that people won’t notice that they have done absolutely nothing to help.


"Labour is treating people as worthless pawns in a political game of one-upmanship with their rival UK parties.


"Plaid Cymru has pushed from the very beginning of this Assembly term for action from this Labour government. The economy is suffering badly and it’s a shameful reflection on the Labour party that it is not doing what it can to change that."