Donate to Moving Forward: Renewing Plaid for Wales

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We are about to embark on the crucial next stage in our party’s history and I wanted to keep you and other supporters up to date with this latest news.

This summer we will begin an important consultation on the future of Plaid, looking at all aspects of how we can renew and build our party for the coming years. 

We aim to reach out to all inWalesin this process, using new and traditional methods; from utilising social media to hosting town hall style meetings to find out what you, other members, supporter and non-supporters alike think of plaid and how we move forward.

Together, with your help, we can make the coming year a defining one in the development of plaid and set the party on course for future success.

Make no mistake, our aim is to developed Plaid into a party which isn’t just competing for second place in Wales, but is in a position to lead Wales.

Of course, reaching out to all ofWales in this way is a big task which cost money.  If we're serious about ensuring plaid be coming a truly national pan-wales party then we need your help.

To give you just a sneak preview of some of our plans – we’d like to, for example, start moving the party forward by establishing a Technology for Independence forum - working alongside colleagues from national movements in Scotland and beyond to give our party the edge in this modern age by using technology to help our grassroots campaigns.  This is just one small way in which we aim to renew the party.

We hope you will be a part of this exciting process in the coming months.  There will be plenty of opportunity for you to give your views, ideas, comments and energy - but to get this process kicked off, I'm asking you to join with me and pledge a donation today so we fund our efforts to reach-out to everyone in Wales over the coming months.  

We're setting an ambitious target of £10,000 to start this process and are asking you to be part of this by donating as little or as much as you can spare today.

I've just donated online to kick off the fund. It's quick, easy and secure. Please join with me today to help build our party and our nation for the coming years.