Donate my creativity


Crowd-sourcing our 2011 campaign - be part of it!

Are you a musician, designers or have other creative talents that you could donate to Plaid to help us win in 2011? As we approach May the 5th and the crucial Welsh Election, we're asking our supporters to be part of our campaign like never before by crowdsourcing your collective talents to create our best camapign ever.


Musicians for Plaid

Can you help create music and background tracks for our web adverts, events, conference or even TV broadasts?  We want our supporter to help create a range of different tracks of varying lengths.
What type of music: Positive inspirational music and backing tracks to suite various themes.
Lengths of tracks: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2"40
Can you help? email


Designers for Plaid

Can you design desktop backgrounds, posters, flash animations or help design local leaflets to assist our ground campaign?

Let us know what you can do?  email


Photographers for Plaid

Can you take a good pic? Can you donate your creativity and a few hours to take some photos for use in our campaign or do you have a stock of photos that we can use?

Let us know what you can do?  email


Other skills to help the campaign?

Have you got other skills that could help the campaign?
Let us know, email