David Senior

David Senior is the Plaid Cymru candidate for Montgomeryshire constituency in the Welsh General Election to be held on the 5th May 2011. He can be contacted via e-mail DavidSenior@plaidcymru.org 

David Senior was born in Newtown in Montgomeryshire and now lives in Trewern with his wife Sally and their seven year old twins, Eira and Aeddan

He is a teacher of Science at Cruckton Hall School which specializes in the education of children from the Autistic spectrum.

David has been active within Plaid Cymru for over 20 years, and has previously stood for election for Westminster and the National Assembly. His political achievements include gaining the highest vote ever achieved by Plaid Cymru in Montgomeryshire. He has also been a member of Friends of the Earth and has campaigned vigorously against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

David was an active Member of Welshpool Town Council and is now a director of Welshpool Projects which works for the benefit of the people of the town.

Areas of particular concern to David, in this election, are education and health provision within our rural communities.