Dai Lloyd

Dai Lloyd is the number 2 regional candidate on the South Wales West list. He can be contacted at DaiLloyd@plaidcymru.org .

Dr. Dai Lloyd is the Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for South Wales West, a region he often refers to as “Ospreylia”, after the rugby team he pasisonately follows. Dai Lloyd was elected to the first Assembly in 1999 and since then has served as Plaid’s Shadow Finance Minister and Spokesperson on Social Justice, Local Government and Regeneration. Dai Lloyd’s profession background is as a GP, and he still practices as a GP at Swansea University. Before entering the Assembly, Dr. Lloyd was a County Councillor in the city and county of Swansea.

His political interests naturally lie in the fields of health and local government, and he is a member of the Assembly's Health and Local Government Committee, as well as being a member of the Culture and Communities Committee. Dai Lloyd also has law-making experience, chairing the Subordinate Legislation Committee.