Cymru X

CymruX is the Plaid Cymru youth wing. All members 30 or under have membership of our youth movement. Wales' future is its young people and we believe that it is our generation that must grasp the chance to change our country for the good. We believe that Wales has so much more to contribute and so much more to achieve. We take pride in Wales' past but look forward to its future. We know that together we can build a movement that can give the people of Wales a different vision for their future. One in which all of our citizens can take pride in a confident, inspiring, successful, and vibrant country of their own. A country where the people have the keys to their own destiny.

The time of Wales being held back by its lack of self-confidence is ending. Our nation is growing in confidence with every generation.

We are the WalesCan generation.

We are the Independence generation.

We are CymruX.

Together, we are more than politics.


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