Crime, law & order: Delivering in Government

In government, Plaid has:

  • Secured a commitment to considering the devolution of the criminal justice system to the National Assembly of Wales;
  • announced a further three years of funding for Communities First;
  • commissioned a study on providing a co-ordinated and comprehensive benefits advice across Wales;
  • supported the aim to eradicate child poverty by 2020, passed the Children and Families Measure, and published the first Child Poverty Strategy for Wales;
  • announced financial support of £750,000 for existing and new credit unions in all parts of Wales;
  • allocated £4.5 million for the Safer Communities Fund in 2009-10 to help divert young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • published the 2009-11 All-Wales Youth Offending Strategy Delivery Plan with an emphasis on cross-cutting models of best practice and a focus on preventative intervention and non-custodial solutions;
  • developed the Substance Misuse Strategy with £1.2 million a year for drug and alcohol rehabilitation places in Wales;
  • worked with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Faith Communities Forum, and other organisations to promote equality in Wales;
  • consulted on a proposed All-Wales Gypsy and Traveller Strategy;
  • launched the Refugee Inclusion Strategy with an Implementation Action Plan, an 'Understanding Wales' pack for newly arrived migrants, and a Migrants' Forum;
  • published the Community Cohesion Strategy for Wales, with a Community Cohesion Fund of £1.5 million for this year.
What's Plaid's vision for criminal justice in Wales?

Plaid Cymru calls for a Justice (Devolution of Powers Wales) Bill. We will continue to campaign for Welsh control over our crime and justice system in its entirety, including policing and youth justice, so that Wales can fully tackle the complex problems of individual and community safety and rehabilitation.

We call for the building of juvenile and women's prisons and we fully support a prison in the north of Wales. We are also committed to the campaign for bilingual juries in Wales and a separate legal jurisdiction for Wales.

We believe that crime is committed for a wide number of interlocking reasons and so can only be dealt with through a full range of policies for the economy, education, social justice and the regeneration of communities. We call for a National Community Safety Strategy for Wales, more drug rehabilitation places and programmes, drugs and alcohol education in every school in Wales and better amenities for young people in their communities.

We also want to see the introduction of stricter controls on how drinks are advertised and marketed, greater support for victims and witnesses to help people feel safer in their communities and a political commitment to restorative justice and community sentencing where appropriate.