Christians for Plaid

Christians for Plaid is a forum for members and supporters from all denominations of Plaid Cymru who are Christians.  It provides a vehicle for the party to reach out to Wales’s Christian communities. Wales is a nation with a strong Christian heritage. From St. David to the Welsh revival, Christianity has shaped the very fabric of Welsh life, throughout our history.

As a group, we aim to involve Welsh Christians, from every denomination, and engage with the wider faith community, to play a full and active part in Welsh public life. We believe that the Christian values of caring, charity, peace, community and social justice are the values of Wales and the values of Plaid Cymru. We believe that everybody in Wales should have a chance to be the best that they can be and together we can make this a reality. 

Christians for Plaid had its inaugural meeting in September 2010, at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre during Plaid’s annual conference. We aim to hold meetings at conference, to discuss the role of Christianity in politics and in Welsh life and as a group, act as a bridge between the Christian communities of Wales and Plaid Cymru. Help us be the voice of Wales’s Christians in Plaid. Help Plaid Cymru be the voice of Wales’ Christians and help Plaid be the voice of Wales.