Helping our businesses

We’ve all seen the effects of the recent economic crisis with our own eyes – and the toll it has taken on our town centres and other local business. 

The facts show that hundreds of thousands of people are employed by small businesses and our government should be protecting those jobs during the economic crisis. Small business owners here are working hard to keep their staff on despite the incredibly difficult economic conditions they’re facing and they should be praised and offered assistance.

After unemployment hit a record high earlier this month, Plaid has called for action to protect jobs in small businesses.  The party’s Small Business plan would directly help any business with a rateable value of up to £18,000.  However, during recent negotiations to agree the Welsh Budget, Labour blocked the plans.

What’s Plaid’s Plan

  • The vast majority of shops and local businesses and shops would be helped by Plaid’s plan.

  • We would extend Business Rate support to businesses up to a rateable value of £18,000 – which is over 80% of businesses in Wales.

  • This would help safeguard thousands of jobs in Wales and lend valuable support to businesses in the toughest of times.

  • Small businesses collectively employ 477,700 people in Wales, but Labour’s refusal to support this scheme has put those jobs at risk.

We believe that despite the cuts, more can be done to protect jobs and help our local businesses communities. Plaid has a plan that really could make a difference to you, your family and your community.

Join us in saying that now is the time to make protecting jobs an absolute priority. Like you, we want a better future for Wales.