2012 Manifesto

Plaid Cymru Councillors are community leaders who are elected to serve the interests of the people they represent, they are proud of their towns, villages and communities. They place this duty higher than any other consideration. This is what sets Plaid Cymru Councillors and candidates apart from the others.

Plaid Cymru is ambitious for Wales. Together we can make Wales more successful, and Plaid believes that independence is key to unlocking the potential of the nation. To achieve this aim we realise that each community in Wales needs the strength and sustainability to take us forward as a nation.

We know that people are facing difficult times, whether it’s in trying to find a job, in struggling to pay the bills, or in seeking support services for vulnerable family members.

Our communities are suffering due to the irresponsible actions of a small, greedy minority. Only Plaid Cymru is working hard to make Wales better for the majority.

Plaid Cymru will always be there for the people of Wales. Our Councillors are always there for the people they represent. Whether in government or opposition our Councillors work tirelessly to represent you and your family. We also understand that your community is infinitely more important to you than any councillor or political party which is why Plaid believes in putting people first.

Plaid Cymru-run councils have led the way in supporting local economies. We have dealt with the Westminster-imposed cuts wisely to protect the most vulnerable. We are also doing everything in our power to make sure that our communities can move beyond “managing the cuts” and thrive in the future.

We are under no illusion about the challenges we face, but just as the goal of empowering our nation to stand on its own two feet is an ambitious one, we are also ambitious for the future of our local communities. We are proud that, thanks to our role in the Welsh  overnment, cuts to your council services are around half the size of those that are being made to services in England.

As a party we believe in local democracy – local leadership, local decision making,
and community empowerment. For Plaid Cymru devolution does not end in Cardiff
Bay, we believe our communities should be empowered to take responsibility for
their own destinies.

This Manifesto provides an outline of the principles behind the decisions that we will
implement on your behalf in local government.

It also demonstrates our record – what we have been doing on your behalf throughout
Wales and what we will continue to do for the sake of Welsh communities.

Our local Plaid Cymru teams will also share with you their vision, their record and introduce
their local champions when they produce manifestos for your local community.

Download Plaid 2012 Maniffesto [pdf]