Budget Deal on Pupil Deprivation Grant

The Councillors Association has welcomed the increase in funding for schools achieved by Plaid AMs in negotiations with Welsh Government.   One of the key parts of the budget deal that Plaid secured with the Lib Dems and Welsh Government is increased funding for the Pupil Deprivation Grant. 

The level of funding has more than doubled through this deal. 

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Plaid Cymru Response To The Review of assessment and the National Curriculum





In response to the Minister’s statement on the Review of Assessment and the National Curriculum, the Party of Wales Shadow Education Minister Simon Thomas said:


“Plaid Cymru is in favour is delivering a new curriculum for Wales that would offer a single model from the Foundation Phase through to GCSE for Welsh pupils.  It is about time that the Welsh Government looks seriously at delivering a curriculum that is fit for the 21st century and fit for a devolved Wales. However any new approach must protect and retain what is good about the existing system. It is important that we protect the Foundation Phase because we are committed to the ethos of learning through play without formal teaching for young children. “We must also make best use of the teaching of Welsh as a second language because bilingualism, or trilingualism, is extremely beneficial for a child’s literacy and numeracy skills, and is an essential skill for our young people.


“I also hope that the Minister will look at ways to ensure that key skills will run across the curriculum such as social and emotional learning, to ensure that the skills that teachers tell us are essential to support learning are deeply embedded in a child’s education.”




Rhodri Glyn Thomas welcomes council tax deal



PLAID CYMRU Shadow Local Government Minister, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, has welcomed yesterdays deal on council tax benefit.

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Ian J

Plaid Cymru councillor Ian Johnson has called for the Vale of Glamorgan Council to adopt an official ‘no evictions’ policy for households who get into financial trouble because of the bedroom tax.

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Councillors Association AGM 2013 Aberystwyth


Dafydd Wigley helped make the The Councillors Association AGM at Aberystwyth Conference a particularly well attended affair.  Speaking on the relevance of the House of Lords to Local Government, he outlined his roll as scrutineer of government  measures, particularly how they relate to Wales. 

Pictured above : Huw Jackson, web manager, Chris Franks, Secretary, Phil Bevan, Chair , Dafydd Wigley. John Taylor, Treasurer and Sian Thomas , Editor of Cyngor 


In The "Cyngor," the Society`s Newsletter:

"Gwynedd Councillors get on with the job......................."

"Social isolation as Labour hits bus services....................."

"Do you webcast your Council meetings........................?"

"The awfulness of Labour is seen most starkly at Council level..........."

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Call for Welsh Government intervention in

Council proceedings

Council should be placed in “special measures” says AM.The Welsh Government Minister for Local Government has been asked to intervene in the way in which Carmarthenshire County Council undertakes its proceedings. 

Noting what he considers to be a democratic deficit in County Hall, Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas has called on the Welsh Government to examine the culture in Carmarthenshire Council and how  democratically elected councillors are prohibited from raising matters in meetings of the full council

Darllen mwy:  http://www.councillor.plaidcymru.org/news/ 


Plaid Cymru demands answers over councils’ pensions scandal

Local Assembly Member and Plaid Cymru’s Local Government Spokesperson Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM has today (27/09/13) tabled an urgent question to the Local Government Minister calling on her to make a statement on what he calls a “pensions scandal” in west Wales.


Workers` Anger Over Equal Pay Delays

 A councillor has hit out at Wrecsam Council for significant delays in getting final settlement payments resolved for current and former council employees' equal pay claims.



Plaid leader welcomes Caerphilly Council action on ‘Bedroom Tax’

Colin Mann

 The leader of the Plaid Cymru group on Caerffili County Borough Council has welcomed action to help those tenants affected by the bedroom tax.

Earlier in the summer the Plaid group submitted a notice of motion to assist people hit by on bedroom tax, an issue which came before the policy and resources scrutiny committee this week.



Plaid commits to a “no Bedroom Tax evictions” policy in Wales

 The Party of Wales Shadow Housing Minister Jocelyn Davies today vowed that Plaid Cymru’s ‘no eviction’ policy would mean no-one in Wales is made homeless as a result of the bedroom tax.

She outlined how a no eviction policy will save the Welsh taxpayer money whilst protecting vulnerable families.



Welsh Government response to Hill education review ‘damp squib’

 Simon Thomas

 The Welsh Government response to the far reaching review of education services by Robert Hill is a ‘damp squib’, according to Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Education Minister Simon Thomas.

Robert Hill’s review exposed several weaknesses within the education sector –such as lack of leadership within consortia, local authorities and schools. He recommended that local authorities and schools needed to collaborate more and share best practice rather than competing with one another.



Plaid Councillors Association Report to National Council 

"Councils are under huge attacks from both the UK and Welsh Governments. All too often the media and indeed unfortunately even Plaid tends to go along with this agenda. With reduced resources and greater responsibilities Councillors are facing criticism from every angle. Yet at the same time National and UK government are guilty of massive failure and duplicity. Take for example the threat the many of our hospitals. We have a Labour WG forcing through health cuts yet Labour AMs deny any responsibility. Labour reduce the capital allocations for school investment yet councils are judged to the failing. We would urge our AMs and MPs to take a more robust line and defend democratically elected councils."

See full report : report_to_national_council_june_2013_Eng.pdf


Local Government Structure

With the debate on local government  intensifying, this item may be of interest :



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